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 Early Childhood Teacher Assistant





Program Objectives:  This program will prepare students to perform the duties and responsibilities required by entry level positions in the child care industry, such as child care attendant, child day care center worker, child monitor, and nursery attendant.  Students will learn about the stages of child development and theories of learning, how to develop curriculum and materials for use with the children, and children administration.  They will study childcare provider-related English and math, and how to develop art and language programs.  Students will have ample opportunity to interact with children in a child care center setting, and plan and implement center activities.  Additionally, students will demonstrate proficiency in customer service, the use of the internet and job search skills.  Finally, student will be taught how to work with parents, and will gain proficiency in CPR and related child care center health and safety practices.  The program consists of the following technical and academic competencies:

Competency 1

Components Of early Childhood

Competency 8

Learning Philosophies

Competency 2

CPR-Health & Safety

Competency 9

Parent Interactions

Competency 3

Work experience A: Basic Childcare Center Procedure

Competency 10

CCP Related English & Math

Competency 4

Work experience B: Planning and implementing Activities

Competency 11

Job Preparedness

Competency 5

Curriculum/ Materials Development

Competency 12

Customer Service Skills

Competency 6

Child Care Administration

Competency 13:

Basic Computer Skills

Competency 7

Art/ Language Program Development