Dear Students,

Welcome to IEC-Vocational-Training! We are pleased to provide educational opportunities for each student to attain his or her educational goals.
The following agreements are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of every student and staff member of our school. All students must read and sign each section acknowledging their complete understanding of and compliance with our Classroom Expectations, Technology Policy, and Photo Release Form.
Please note: Some students need attendance verification. Our policy is to provide attendance verifications after 20 hours or more.

Please Read and Acknowledge All of our Policies Below:
Classroom Expectations
Student Use of Technology Policy
Photo Release Form
Requirements for program

After you have read all of the policies you will need to fill out the IEC-Vocational-Training Registration Form, acknowledge these policies, and pay tuition.

$30 Application Fee is Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable and is for the Spring Quarter 2013.

No refunds. No exceptions. Students who miss more than 1 week of classmay be dropped and will need to pay another Application Fee to be re-enrolled.

A Deposit of 50% Tuition is Due at Time of Registration and the remainder can be paid in within 30 days. Payments may be paid here:

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Classroom Expectations

The focus of the IEC-Vocational-Training is to provide a safe learning environment for all students so that each student can reach his or her educational goal(s). To accomplish these goals, all students must follow the same procedures.

1. There are no breaks in high school diploma classes.

2. Turn off all electronic devices including, but not limited to, headsets, cell phones, and i-pods or other music players.

3. To avoid disruptions, if you leave the campus, do not return. Loitering is not permitted.

4. If you must smoke, do so in the designated areas off campus only and return immediately.

5. No food or beverages are permitted in the classrooms.

6. Daily attendance is required. If you are to be absent for any reason, inform the teacher. Failure to do so may result in an administrative drop.

7. Communication and course progress should be periodically discussed with the classroom instructor so that all students can reach their goals.

8. Respect instructors, staff, administrators, and students at all times. Disrespect is grounds for expulsion.
9. Academic dishonesty is grounds for expulsion.

10. Falling below 90% attendance in CAHSEE Prep classes will result in being dropped from the program, not just the class.

11. Students attending adult school classes are not to have visitors (friends or relatives) on campus.

12. IEC-Vocational-Trainingis a drug-free, smoke-free school. If you are in violation, you will be dropped from the program. This is a zero-tolerance campus.

13. Individuals who smell of offensive odors may be asked to leave campus.

I understand the procedures and agree to abide by them. I also understand that if I am in violation of one or more procedures, I may be dropped or expelled immediately.

Student Use of Technology Policy

User Obligations and Responsibilities Signature Form

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the IEC Vocational Training Student Use of Technology Policy”. I am aware that I should only be allowed access to the District computer technology and network under adult / instructor supervision. I authorize the District to monitor all user files and any data transmitted or received by me. I am aware that all such data is not private and is the property of the District.

I understand the District will not be held liable in the event a third party makes a claim against the District as a result of my use of the computer network or the Internet provided by the district. The District reserves its right to respond to such claims accordingly and to hold all offending parties, including myself, responsible.

I will not hold the District responsible for any claims or damages of any nature arising from my access or use of the computer network or the Internet provided by the District.

Photo Release Form

San Leandro Unified School District occasionally shows students in photo or video presentations which are intended for other than classroom use.

If the opportunity arises during the school year, we may photograph or videotape you to publicize student accomplishments or school programs. In addition, we may use the photographs or video on our web site.
I understand and accept that photos or videos of me may be taken and used by the district.

Requirements for program entry are listed below.

1. Advising
All students must meet with an advisor prior to enrolling. The advisor will review assessment scores. If Reading score is below 236 and/or Math score is below 229, students will be automatically placed in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes. These classes are only offered during the afternoon and evening. Students who passed both sections of the CAHSEE will automatically be placed in high school subject classes. Therefore, if a student wants morning classes, but Assessment Testing scores are too low, then the student cannot attend morning classes and must attend evening classes.

2. Attendance
Regular attendance is required. Missing more than one week of class may result in being dropped. Students who are dropped will not receive a refund or credit and must attend another orientation, complete the application process and pay another $30.00 Application Processing Fee prior to being re-admitted into any class in the high school diploma program.

High school diploma candidates are required to pass the CAHSEE in order to receive a diploma. Students who have not passed one or both sections of the CAHSEE must enroll in a CAHSEE Test Preparation class and maintain 90% attendance. Students will remain in the class until proof of passing both sections of the CAHSEE is received. Falling below 90% attendance will result in being dropped from the program, not just the class. Students who are dropped will not receive a refund or credit and must attend another orientation, complete the application process and pay another $30.00 Application Processing Fee prior to being re-admitted into any class in the high school diploma program.

If I miss more than 10% of the CAHSEE Prep Class, I understand that I will be dropped from the high school diploma program.

4. Independent Study
Students who meet the criteria for high school subject classes are eligible for Independent Study. A $40.00 refundable book fee deposit is required. Refunds are given once materials are returned and a Refund Request Form is completed and submitted to the Adult School Office. Students who fail to return materials will have a hold placed on their transcripts and official records until the student pays for the materials. No refund is issued without original receipt signed by instructor. Refund must b requested within one year form last date of attendance or deposit will be forfeited.

5. Enrollment Options
Students may register for multiple sections based on space availability and advisor approval.

6. Verification of Attendance
No forms of verification of attendance will be completed until the student has attended at least 20 hours of class. This means that the Adult School does not process paperwork for any student until a minimum of 20 hours of attendance has been completed. I understand and agree.

7. Transcript Request
IEC-Vocational-Training only issues transcripts for our institution. IEC-Vocational-Training will not release copies of transcripts from other institutions. Requests for transcripts must be made in writing to protect student privacy. A simple letter requesting your transcript must include student’s full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and original signature. Submit the letter to the Adult School office. Once we clear the transcript ensuring that the student does not owe any outstanding fees, the request for a transcript is completed. Please allow three to five working days to pick up or mail out your transcripts. Must present current government issued photo I.D. to pick up transcripts i.e. passport, driver’s license, state I.D. card.