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Adult High School Diploma California High School Exit Exam

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    To register for the Adult High School Diploma Program, call to make an appointment for an assessment test, followed by a counseling appointment. You may enter at any time after the assessment test and counseling appointment. Transcripts are required at the counseling appointment.The Adult High School Diploma classes are for students to acquire skills in secondary basic subjects in mathematics, reading, history, geography science, government, English language arts, and all other courses leading to a high school diploma.

The adult high school diploma program is open entry and self-paced. Classes meet morning, afternoon, and evening. Students earn credits in subjects according to their personalized program. Each individual program is developed by counselors based on transcripts from students’ previous schooling, work experience, military service, knowledge of a foreign language and other sources. In high school diploma classes, students learn required skills and earn credits in social studies, English, science, mathematics (including Algebra), fine arts or foreign language and electives to complete the 180 credits required for graduation (see below). Preparation for the California High School Exams (CAHSEE) in English Language Arts and Mathematics can be incorporated into daily work or completed in separate sessions.
Graduation Requirements:  180 credits

The following is a proposed graduation requirement that will be presented to the board of trustees for students to graduate from IEC and receive a diploma.

  • 180 credits to graduate

40 English

30 Math

35 Social Science (US History 1 & 2, American Govt., Economics)

20 Science

10 World Language

10 Fine & Performing Arts

5 Health

50 Electives Pass the Math and Language Arts (California High School Exit Exam)


All students must pass the California high School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to receive a high school diploma. State law (Education Code Section 60851) mandates this graduation requirement. The exam is divided into two parts:

Integrity Educational Center (herein referred to as “IEC”) is a dropout prevention school with a target population of 18-24 as well as other disadvantaged populations.