Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistant

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Medical Administrative Assistant





Program Objectives: This program will prepare students to perform the duties and responsibilities required by entry level positions in a medical office setting, such as medical secretary, medical records clerk, outpatient admitting clerk, hospital admitting clerk, unit clerk, or medical voucher clerk.  Student will learn about medical ethics and responsibilities required in the allied health care field Students will participate in an 80 –hour internship in a hospital, clinic or similar environment. Program Competencies: The program consists of the following technical and academic competencies:

Competency 1

Introduction to Allied Health Care

Competency 7

Medical Office Financial Management

Competency 2

Allied Health Care Foundations

Competency 8

Job preparation

Competency 3

Anatomy & Physiology

Competency 9


Competency 4

Medical records Management

Competency 5

Computer Literacy for Health Care  professionals

Competency 6

Receptionist /Clerical Procedures

Internship: This program requires completion of an 80- hour front office internship in a hospital, clinic or similar environment under supervision of professional personnel. Graduation Requirements: Student must complete more than 60% of Actual program hours and must complete all program competencies within 60% and 150% of the scheduled program hours to receive an IEC certificate of graduation. Scoring Criteria: Students will be required to pass each competency evaluation with a minimum passing score of 70%. Method of Instruction: This program will be taught through a combination of lectures, hands-on classroom/shop/lab projects, small group and individual projects.

Instructional Equipment: Students use computers. LCD monitors, printers, television and DVD players and projectors to carry out the administrative course activities.  They access computers and LCD monitors, printers

Program Schedule: Day Class Schedule for MAA30X:   Monday- Friday 8:00-3:16 pm Program Location