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 Electrician (residential & General)





Program Objectives: This program will prepare students to perform the duties and responsibilities required by entry level positions in the residential and light commercial electrical field.  Students will also learn to plan, layout, install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment that provides light heat, communications, and power.  Students will also develop mechanical ability and a thorough knowledge of the principles of electricity, circuitry, and power distribution within a building, and will gain familiarity with materials and techniques of construction.  Students will also pass a certification exam and become acquainted with local building and national electrical codes. The program consists of the following technical and academic competencies:

Competency 1

Introduction to Electrical Industry

Competency 7

Commercial Electricity II

Competency 2

Electrical Math

Competency 8

Basic Photovoltaic’s

Competency 3

Residential Electricity I

Competency 9

Customer Service Skills

Competency 4

Residential Electricity II: Writing & Installation Methods

Competency 10

Basic Computer Skills

Competency 5

Residential Electricity II: Specialty Systems

Competency 11

Job Preparedness

Competency 6

Commercial Electricity I

Graduation Requirements: A student must complete more than 60% of Actual program hours and must complete all program competencies within 60% and 150% of the scheduled program hours to receive an IEC certificate of graduation. Scoring Criteria: Students will be required to pass each competency evaluation with a minimum passing score of 70%. Method of Instruction This program will be taught through a combination of lectures, hands-on classroom/shop/lab projects, small group and individual projects. Instructional Equipment: Students in this program access and utilize a variety of hand tools, electrical machinery and equipment.  This includes: power drills, band saws, and cordless Sawzall. A broad assortment of cabling, electrical boxes, hardware, connectors, staples, and hand tools are also used by students.  In addition, students access computer systems running WIN 7 and MS Office 2010 with internet access, laptop, Printers and fax machines at IEC to develop computer Literacy skills. Program Schedule Day Class Schedule for ELEX30:   Monday- Friday 8:00-3:16 pm