Business Office Technology

Business Office Technology

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Business Office Technology





Program Objectives:      

This program will prepare students to perform the essential duties and responsibilities required by employers for entry level positions in business office related fields, such as computer support specialist, data entry  clerk, receptionist , secretary, clerk typist, and word processor. Students will learn key business.  concepts, business office procedures and technology, computer operating system (windows) as well as keyboarding, business math and English, word processing and spreadsheet software; additionally students will demonstrate proficiency in customer service, the use of the internet, and job search skills.  Finally students will perform a variety of integrated project based activities.

Program Competencies: The program consists of the following technical and academic competencies:

Competency 1

Introduction to Business

Competency 7

Word Processing

Competency 2

Introduction to Computers

Competency 8


Competency 3

Internet Fundamentals

Competency 9


Competency 4

Business Office Procedures

Competency 10

Customer Service Skills

Competency 5

Business Math

Competency 11

Job Preparedness

Competency 6

Business English

Graduation Requirements: A student must complete more than 60% of Actual program hours and must complete all program competencies within 60% and 150% of the scheduled program hours to receive an IEC certificate of graduation. Scoring Criteria: Students will be required to pass each competency evaluation with a minimum passing score of 70%.

Method of Instruction: This program will be taught through a combination of lectures, hands-on classroom/shop/lab projects, small group and individual projects.

Instructional Equipment:  Students will have the opportunity to use the following equipment as required throughout the program 24 Computers equipped with LCD monitors , Networked printer, Multimedia projector, Software OS Windows 7, MS office 2010.

Program Schedule: Day Class Schedule for BOTX30:   Monday- Friday 8:00-3:16 pm