Board Bios



Board Members Statement:

The members of the Board of Trustees have committed to empowering students in a school to work environment that will be creative and stimulating in its approach to learning.  By offering these students career technical education, IEC will allow them to become productive citizens in our community, nation and world.


Harold Clemetson

Harold Clemetson is an educator who has taught biology for more than five years. He has recently obtained a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from San Francisco State University, and has obtained a Certificate of Eligibility for the Administrative Services Credential. Harold has extensive experience in School Board Governance. His skills were pivotal in Integrity Educational Center obtaining the approved Articles of Incorporation from the Secretary Of State and approved 501 (c) 3 from the IRS.


Earl Patino Is the Pastor of praise Chapel Church in Richmond, California for more than seven years.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and has worked as an accountant for more than five years.


Dr. Adella Denise Gaston

Dr. Adella D. Gaston Washington has more than thirty-five years of teaching and administration experience while having worked with young children and their families, high school and adult students of various ages, teachers and administrative staff, as well as work with seniors participating in job re-training programs.  Dr. Washington holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child/Human Development, two Life-Time Teaching Credentials that cover the ages from pre-school to adults, a Master of Science Degree in Educational Psychology, and a Doctoral Degree in Education, with an emphasis on International and Multicultural Education.