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Program Objectives: This program of study includes instruction and practice in the identification, installation, and configuration of hardware devices to build, maintain, Upgrade, and improve performance of a computer system. This course prepares students for Comp TIA’s A+ exam, a certification equivalent to six Months’ work experience as a computer technician.

Courses Required for the Certificate of Accomplishment in Computer Technician.The program consists of the following technical and academic competencies:

Competency 1

CNIT 101 Operating Systems I -Windows

Competency 7

Or CNIT 197 Internship or Work Experience

Competency 2

CNIT 102 Operating Systems II – Command Line

Competency 8

Customer Service Skills

Competency 3

CNIT 103 Computer Hardware

Competency 9


Competency 4

CNIT 103L Computer Hardware Lab

Competency 10


Competency 5

CNIT 104 Operating Systems Technologies.

Competency 11


Competency 6

CNIT 104L Operating Systems Tech Lab

Competency 12

Graduation Requirements:
A student must complete more than 60% of Actual program hours and must complete all program competencies within 60% and 150% of the scheduled program hours to receive an IEC certificate of graduation.

Scoring Program Schedule: Monday- Friday 8:00-3:16 PM.